Xbox 360 Exclusive JRPGs on Xbox One

Given it wasn't a big player in Japan (or Asia in general), JRPGs that were only available on the Xbox 360 are quite a rare breed indeed. Even rarer, then, are those that are included in the list of backwards compatible titles for Xbox One.


The only 3 titles that I know tick both boxes (360 exclusive AND backwards compatible on the Xbox One) are:

Infinite Undiscovery

Infinite Undiscovery

Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon enjoy reasonably high profiles, but I have a soft spot for Infinite Undiscovery. It seemed to mainly exist as a test game for the new Star Ocean engine but is an enjoyable fantasy JRPG with a solid cast and good battle system. It also features a New Game+ mode, which bumps up the difficulty.

Multi-platform Titles

Then there are a few more which are backwards compatible but are available on other platforms:

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

As an example, Star Ocean: The Last Hope (TLH) had a brief window of exclusivity (1 year, from memory) but then moved to PS3 and was updated as TLH "International". New features included Japanese or English audio and a choice of Anime-style or CG character portraits. TLH was later re-released on PS4 and Windows as a "4K & Full HD Remaster" edition.

Backwards compatible but also available on other platforms:

Not backwards compatible (but available on other platforms):

Eternal Sonata, known as Trusty Bell in Japan

There may well be a few I've missed - feel free to comment if that's the case.

Here's the Wikipedia list of backwards compatible titles - as far as I can tell it's as up-to-date as the official list, but I find it easier to read-through.

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