SNES Nostalgia Trip

AVGN's latest video has made me nostalgic for all things SNES, so I've drawn up a list of games to revisit. First cab off the rank is Final Fantasy VI, which I've never actually completed due to starting over on multiple platforms. I started on the SNES version, switched to the PS1 release at some point and put most of my hours into the GBA remake (which was very nice but loses a little something on the small screen). I wound up losing track of where I was up to at some point and left it for so long that restarting is probably a decent option anyway.

Other games I plan to get to include: Super Mario RPG, Zelda, Super Metroid and Super Mario World.


Reports of this SSD's death are greatly exaggerated

I thought for a couple days that the shiny new SSD I'd installed would need to be shipped back due to the intermittent controller errors it was reporting. I hadn't had the time to muck around with it until today, when I opened up the case and found the cause was simply the data cable's connector being slightly faulty to the point where it came partially away from the socket due to the cable tension. So, a new cable later and all is well. On the bright side it also reminded me to move it into the SATA3 port and not the SATA2, which would have been a bit of a waste.

SATA Spaghetti
Now, time to clear up the utter mess I made of the cabling while testing...