Miscellaneous photos from Melbourne trip

Just a few extra photos that didn't fit into any of the larger galleries I published via iPhoto.

Flinders St. Station by night

A charming (but smokey) side-room in a Williams St. pub

The Royal Exhibition Building viewed from Carlton Gardens

Hotel view by day
... and by night

 A few shots from the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower - the reflective glass didn't make for the best photos, unfortunately, but the view was amazing:

Queen Victoria Gardens
Fern Gully just outside the Botanic Gardens

 Several photos from inside the Royal Botanic Gardens:

Looking back at the CBD from South Wharf

Twilight view of Sydney while coming in for landing

The aforementioned galleries are:


National Portrait Gallery

Some very striking portraits - the gallery has certainly built up an impressive collection. There's a real mix of styles as well, something for almost everybody.