Lunar Eternal Blue play-through - part 1

I decided to start off #JRPGJuly by continuing the replay of Lunar Eternal Blue that I'd recently started (I was only 45 or so minutes in, so I'm practically starting from scratch here).

Apart from the opening, this is the first significant dungeon of the game. There is a healing statue near the mid-point and HP and MP potions are also available (in chests and as drops), so it's a good introduction to combat without being overwhelming.

Hiiro's first AoE special attack - very useful early on

"Hey, a shiny crystal. I wonder what's inside?"


[un-impressed expression]

Hiiro is immediately taken with Lucia but she has no time for idle chit-chat - she wants to be taken to the Goddess Althena right away. Hiiro doesn't really know how to accomplish this but offers to help anyone. Anything for a pretty face, huh? Ruby is suitably un-impressed with her lovestruck partner.

Look at those stats! Shame they don't last long...

Lucia casts one of her totally OP spells
Lucia is initially completely OP and demolishes her way through enemies without needing any help. This is a good spot to pick up some bonus EXP, as your party is pretty much unstoppable. An extra level or two is always handy.

Leaving the tower with a now severely weakened Lucia in tow

Upon leaving the Blue Spire, Zophar makes his first appearance and saps Lucia of her superpowers, leaving her weak and unable to do much of anything by herself. Hiiro and crew escort her away from the spire to (relative) safety.


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