Photos from Game 2 of the MLB 2014 Opening Series at the SCG

The seats were pretty good - in the shade, gave a decent overview of the game and provided a great side-on view of the homer in the bottom of the 9th.


Sydney Derby 2014-03-08: 3-1 to the Boys in Blue!

Assembling for the march to the ground.

In fine voice as usual. Awesome to see a giant throng of Sky Blue marching down Foveaux Street!

At the ground, not long after kickoff. This was the closest thing to an in-focus shot I took inside the stadium. Far too much excitement going on in the Cove to be constantly pulling out the phone anyway.


Photos from away trip - Sydney FC @ CC Mariners - 2014-03-01

Flying sauce bottle? Sure, why not...

Warming up next to the bloody sauce bottles.

The traveling Cove; with the Brisbane Water in the background

The sparsely populated home end. They did have a brass section though.