Nisemonogatari Trailer Streamed

The trailer for the upcoming (January 2012) Anime adaptation of Nisemonogatari has been streamed at http://www.nisemonogatari-anime.com (along with promos for the other NisiOisiN works). Only a short glimpse, but it all looks pretty promising. As an an aside, it's always nice to see Karen and Tsukihi getting some focus ;) The trailer also has quick flashes of Hitagi, Mayoi, Nadeko and Suruga.


Awesome comeback by Sydney over GCU

Crazy night in the end - after Sydney went down 2-0 just after half-time, having missed a bunch of chances it felt a bit like it was all over. Cazarine's goal (from Boschart's pinpoint cross) really fired the team (and the crowd) up and suddenly there was some energy about the place and every attack looked dangerous.
When the second goal from Carle went in not long after the win really seemed on the cards but they had to do it they hard way via a tense, stoppage time penalty (taken by Kisel) leading to absolute pandemonium both on the pitch and in the stands. Haven't seen so much emotion in the Cove at the end of a game for a long time, epic stuff.


Archive of old posts now online

I finally got around to importing my old Wordpress backup into a new blog for easier access to old posts: JCLArchive - http://jclarchive.wordpress.com/

It's missing a few posts and many/most of the images are dead but it's fine for the most part.


Sydney Youth begin season with Draw

from:  The Football Sack
Full time here at Leichhardt Oval and it's 1 (Mallia 50') - 1 (Wooding 72').
Following the Youth match, the Sydney FC Women have just kicked off their season against Brisbane; hoping for a good result.


A-League 2011/12 Round 3

OK, so Brisbane's streak didn't end last week and my beloved Sydney have one point (and no goals) from their two outings so far but hey, it could be worse, right? Right?

Anyway, Round 3 is upon us - dubbed Rivalry Round by the FFA - featuring 3 derbies (derby-ish anyway): Melbourne Victory/Melbourne Heart, Brisbane/Gold Coast and Newcastle/Central Coast. Sydney are away to Adelaide, which will be a tough game even if it's not really much of a rivalry any more (it was quite heated in season 1 but has dropped off in intensity ever since). Perth/Wellington isn't a noted rivalry either, but it is one of the longest trips in a domestic competition - I think the only time it's beaten is when teams from Siberia have to play in Western Russia. Long bloody trip at any rate, so I guess it could be dubbed the 'Frequent Flier Mile Derby'.

With both Sydney FC and Victory failing to score in their opening matches, talk has already turned to whether or not their respective coaches are using new boys Emerton and Kewell to their full potential. It was always going to be hard slotting them in right at the beginning of the season but I'm sure they'll work it out eventually. Bit odd to see Emerton playing on the left side of midfield, hopefully he'll move either right or center this week (not likely according to the coach's comments). Kewell was the lone striker for Melbourne last week, odd seeing they have no less than three out-and-out strikers on the books - meaning a (relatively) prolific scorer like Archie Thompson is stuck wide-left instead of being in front of goals.

Looking forward to seeing what the round brings, hopefully a few fireworks in the Yarraside Derby tomorrow and always the possibility of Gold Coast (finally) ending Brisbane's unbeaten streak in the (unimaginatively named) M1 Derby tonight.


Sydney FC vs Brisbane tomorrow night

Sydney FC play their first home game of the new A-League season tomorrow (Saturday 10/14) night. Their opponents will be current Champions/Premiers Brisbane Roar, who are on a 29 game undefeated streak. Streaks have to end sometime, so why not tomorrow? I'm not hugely confident, I must admit, but hopefully the inclusion of Kisel and Cazarine gives the squad which performed quite well against Melbourne Victory last week that little extra boost to cause an upset.


First Post for the second iteration of the Journal

After a bit of a hiatus, may I present the continuation of my ever-rambling and often pointless blog. Formerly hosted at blog.jamesmason.id.au, I've given up running a home server using my lowly 1M/384K DSL and have moved to the (hopefully) greener pastures of Blogger. I was toying with the idea of republishing some of my earlier posts but that seems rather redundant - they weren't exactly Shakespearean, after all...