Quick GNS3 Configuration Guide

Download and install GNS3 – it has a lot of dependencies but the installer contains of all of them. Accept all the defaults for the programs it installs (essentially just keep clicking next).

Create Project and Image directories using something simple, like G:\Cisco\Projects and G:\Cisco\IOS. Copy the IOS images (ending in .BIN) to the IOS folder.

Open GNS3, cancel the screen asking to open a project and then click Edit then Preferences. Fill in the project and image directory settings by browsing to the folders you just created:

Click OK to save and exit.


Remote X11 on Windows using SSH Tunneling

I hadn't used remote X11 for so long I'd just about forgotten how to go about setting it up, so I thought I'd knock up a quick guide (nothing seems to cement something in my head quite like doing a short howto).

Firstly, grab the software you'll need:
  1. Download PuTTY and PuTTYGen from the PuTTY Download Page
  2. Download and install XMing 

Run PuTTYGen and generate a new key (SSH-2 RSA)

Save the private key on your client machine and copy the text from public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the X11 host.