Lunar Eternal Blue play-through - part 2

Part two of my Lunar Eternal Blue play-through for #JRPGJuly

After getting to the bottom of the Blue Spire and subsequently having Lucia weakened, it's time to make our escape. Unfortunately, the guardian statue at the entrance as come to life and isn't in an accomodating mood.

(Part one is here)

Best not to fight the Guardian until Gwen learns Rust Weapon!

If Gwen has reached level 12, he will have access to Rust Weapon, which will negate the guardian's otherwise powerful physical attack (it buffs periodically but Rust Weapon cancels it out nicely). Gwen learns Rust Armor earlier, which also cancels out the guardian's armor buff.

Poor Lucia's 1HP means she doesn't stand a chance if she's in the wrong place at the wrong time...

After getting past one guardian, the ante is well a truly upped with 4 more appearing. This is what they call "fighting a losing battle" but Leo and his battleship come to the rescue.

Leo to the rescue. Bit of a jerk about it though...

Despite being too weak to move, Lucia is still adamant about continuing her mission. Gwen suggests that Ronfar/Rong-Fa in the town of Raapa/Larpa might be able to assist and so Hiiro is on his way again.

Ruby gets possessive of Hiiro (again)

Sailing to Larpa

Larpa presents something of a change of scenery

Meeting Ronfar
After meeting Ronfar, he challenges Hiiro to a game of dice. Naturally, it's un-winnable and Hiiro is forced to give up. Lucia manages to move to the story along by collapsing, at which point Ronfar catches her and takes her to his house to rest.

Leo again. Fortunately, Ronfar is there to deflect his attention.

Our heroes can't get a break and Leo turns up to speak with his friend Ronfar. Luckily for them, Ronfar doesn't rat them out and, once Leo is gone, decides to help them out. He challenges Hiiro to another game of dice but this time rigs it Hiiro's way.

Ronfar pushes aside the chest of drawers to reveal a secret passage and *bam*, it's dungeon time again! That's as good a time as any to take a break and finish this post...

As a side-note, I couldn't remember who voiced who so I looked up the list of voice actors and was quite surprised to find that softly spoken Lucia was performed by Yokoyama Chisa [横山智佐]. She's famous for such roles as the loud and cheerful Sasami from Tenchi Muyo and also did the loud and in-charge Ryoko from Nadesico. She's also the voice of Sakura from the Sakura Taisen series - probably her most notable game role.

While I'm on the topic of voice acting, Lunar EB really does feature some top talent. In addition to the above we also have Hisakawa Aya [久川 綾] as Jean and Hayashibara Megumi [林原めぐみ] as Lemina.

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