Trip Report - Hiking US Deserts - Introduction

For a bit of a change, I'll be writing up a (hopefully) proper trip report of my recent trip to the US. This involved lots of hiking in Joshua Tree, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. I figured this time of year would be a good time to visit in terms of lower temperatures and lower visitor numbers at Zion and Bryce.

Getting There

Unlike my last two trips to the US, which involved more round-about routings, this time I simply booked a simple cheap economy (sad face) return from SYD-LAX.

For reference, here are the flight maps for my previous trips:

From the beginning of 2018, a multi-carrier trip heading westwards

And from 2017, heading eastwards via Auckland, NZ

This trip

I did end up upgrading the SYD-LAX leg to Premium due to a discounted UpgradeMe offer but missed out on a Business class upgrade on the way back - my low ball bid was obviously just too, well, low.

Next time, in Part 1: Impressions of VA's Premium Economy cabin, venturing into LA's infamous traffic and exploring Joshua Tree National Park.

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