I have such a weakness for limited editions

Picked up a couple of fairly flash JRPG limited editions recently.

Firstly, the very nice Premium Edition set for Lunar Silver Star Harmony - I missed out on this when it came out, having to content myself with the PSN digital version. I finally cracked and ended up buying it off ebay a few weeks back - as a bonus, it came with the guide, both sealed. All the nice extras were present and correct: Box, Bromides and Music CD.

Of course, I mainly brought it to look pretty on my shelf - I've been playing it on the Vita TV and it, of course, has no UMD drive...

Speaking of the Vita, here's Ar Nosurge Plus - the polished and updated remake of Ar Nosurge for the PS3, which I loved to bits. This came in a nice box too, along with a poster, a sticker sheet and a cleaning cloth (for some reason).


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