Of paper worlds and the mysteries within

I've found myself drawn back into reading great, chunky novels of late - I'd eased off for a while, which made me feel strangely like I was missing out on something (perhaps I was). I followed up my re-reading of Pratchett's Witches Abroad beginning The Lord of the Rings, which has since been partially interrupted by my beginning A Game of Thrones (finally).

In an attempt to keep things a little more cheery, I'm also going through The Dilbert Principle on the side but I must admit it isn't tickling my funny bone as consistently as I would like.

A Game of Thrones has pretty much met my expectations thus far - my only previous exposure to it was watching the first episode of the TV series but I really wanted to read the book before embarking down that path and I'm glad I did so. Martin uses some rather nice descriptive prose throughout and the quality dialogue is also worth mentioning.

On a side note, I've been mini-marathoning my way through Daria lately, a show I only saw bits of when it was airing. There are some top lines and, to my mind at least, Jane and Trent really do steal the show.

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