Setting up my new router lab

After putting in a new shelf and tidying up my network gear a week ago - as seen below - it was time to organize the Cisco routers I'd picked up off eBay during the week.

First thing to do was add the extra WICs I'd bought (WIC-1Ts as they could be had for around $15, whereas 2Ts started at $30). The 2821 - maxed out spec-wise and already running IOS 15.1 - came with no WICs at all, while I chose one of the 2600-series to be 'piggy-in-the-middle', so to speak, and it now has two serial cards.

And that was that. The 3 routers are now sitting on the trolley I picked up a couple weeks back (much cheaper than a wheeled-rack; easily movable/adjustable). Above them the switch setup is starting to take shape with the two 3550s that just came in the post. I'll add the 2950 I already have and hopefully a couple more - either more 3550s or perhaps a 2960 or two. With 4 or more I should be able to setup some decent LACP, PAgP and STP scenarios, along with L3 routing via the 3550s.

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